Guarantee conditions

The hotel has the right to charge the first night on the credit card provided in order to guarantee your reservation. This charge will be made 13 days before your arrival, and in case that the credit card provided is declined, we will communicate with you via email to request the guarantee through deposit or transfer.

Checking the validity of the credit card: The hotel has the right to make a pre-authorization on the credit card for the amount of the 1st night for each reserved room. This authorization is not a charge, however, it will appear in your account as a charge that will be automatically deleted by your bank 5 days later.

If the automatic cancellation of the prior credit authorization is not made within 6 days after the date it was made, please do not hesitate to contact your bank as soon as possible to request its cancellation. Because it is a credit authorization, the hotel can not cancel it, so your bank must perform this procedure.


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