Learn about our new sanitary and preventive procedures to guarantee you a stay free of infection sources. Our staff and facilities have adapted to the "new normality", following all international (WHO), national, and government recommendations, to offer you, your family and friends a high quality and safety experience. Our priority has always been to safeguard the health and well- being of our visitors, guests and collaborators.


All hotel staff has been trained with the new hygiene and safety measures that the hotel has implemented. Any external person and/or product that enters the hotel is disinfected and gets taken its temperature measure. Employees receive personal protective equipment (masks, glasses and gloves) to protect themselves and carry out their work without major inconveniences.

LOBBY (frontdesk)

A reinforced cleaning program was implemented in high traffic areas such as the hotel reception and lobby. To further assure guests and collaborators, disinfecting rugs will be installed at the entrance of the accommodation, as well as parking, and the entrance of suppliers, and a space will be set up to take the temperature of the guests, employees, suppliers and collaborators of the hotel, with symptom self-assessment questionnaire.

In addition, there will be changes in the distribution of the furniture, acrylic sheets will be installed in the frontdesk and preventive signage on the floor to maintain social distance. To make the check-in and check-out process easier and with as little contact as possible, guests can register prior to their stay (check in online) or do it the same day using their mobile device. Electronic keys previously sanitized and individually packaged will be delivered.


Hand sanitizing stations have been installed at the hotel entrance, reception, elevators, hallways, bathrooms and general public areas. In addition, there will be masks, protective glasses, soaps and cleaning kits so that the guest can acquire and use them whenever he deems it convenient.


There are 24-hour lines to request medical services and / or consultations (charges may apply). There is also a general contact list (official and private) of the control telephone numbers for evaluation in case of presenting symptoms. And a preventive contact free zone, in case it is required to isolate a host or collaborator who presents symptoms of infection.


A rigorous cleaning protocol has been activated in the rooms, which will include deep disinfection using hospital-grade products. This measure will apply to: light and lamp switches, door handles and knobs, cabinets, drawers, desks, and furniture in general. In addition to bathroom surfaces such as covers, seats, showers and bathtubs, climate panels, telephones, remote controls and clocks. All implements for the food and beverage service such as: glasses, cups, coffee maker, and other accessories. All bedding (will go under a high temperature process in each wash), Minibar (will be empty as a precaution). In addition, there will be an "on demand" cleaning option, which will allow guests to request the delivery of towels, bedding and additional items without staff having to enter the room.

Cleaning kits will be delivered containing: individual disinfectant gel, mask, and sanitizing towels per stay. Upon arrival in the room, guests will be met with a cleaning stamp indicating that no one else has entered the room since it was disinfected. In addition, some high-contact items will have sterilization seals to ensure the safety of guests.


An hourly reservation system has been established, with limited spaces to avoid crowds or exceed the restaurant's capacity. Tables are separated at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters respecting the rules of hygiene and social distance. The tables will not be set up until the diner takes a seat (avoiding previous contact with the furniture). Food will be delivered by trained personnel and with the appropriate personal protective equipment. Cutlery and napkins will be delivered in previously sanitized sealed packages. All the accompaniments of the dishes will be served in individual portions, each table and chair will be disinfected between use and use, and the buffet breakfast will be replaced by a tray with sealed and pre-packaged products that meet all food and beverage hotel standards.

Drinks will be prepared on the spot and in front of the diner when appropriate. Stations with disinfectant gel will be installed in the access areas. The restaurant will have a sanitized space with packaged and ready-to-go food options if the guest requires it. The work team must wear a mask and gloves on a mandatory basis.


High-contact public areas will be cleaned more frequently using hospital-grade disinfectant nebulizers on all surfaces and locations such as: hallways, restaurants, living rooms, recreation areas, public restrooms, trunks, lounge chairs, Balinese beds and elevators. In addition, the elevators will have signage where users must be placed to keep the necessary social distance.

ROOFTOP (pool)

To ensure the correct disinfection of the pool area and based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), high-impact disinfectants with long- lasting residual activity and biodegradable, accredited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are used daily.